XWin.exe causes a 25% CPU load on Windows 7

Kees Dekker Kees.Dekker@infor.com
Mon Apr 24 16:52:00 GMT 2017

>This is pretty odd.

>ig75icd64.dll is part of the Intel graphics driver (specifically the 
>OpenGL ICD), which shouldn't be getting called at all if we have nothing 
>to draw (unless the driver perhaps creates a thread for it's own purposes)

>You might want to check you have the latest version of that driver, or 
>if you have updated it recently, rollback to the previous version.

>Given that, I suspect that using the X server option '-nowgl' might work 
>around this problem.

Sorry for the long delay, I missed your email.
a. I have tried to update my IGP HD-Graphics 4600 from Dell, but there is no newer version (I'm using 
    There is a newer version at Intel (15.40), but that one does not install (raising an error that either HW is not supported or a dedicated manufacturer driver is installed).
    The workaround is to uninstall the Dell driver, and move to the Intel one, but as everything else works fine, I'm not very willing to do this (also, this Windows 7 system will 
    be replaced in December).
b. The -nowgl option did not make any difference.

>If you can use a profiling tool like Very Sleepy [1] (which can read 
>Cygwin DWARF debuginfo and Microsoft PDBs) to get a callstack for the 
>unusual load, that might help in investigating it.

>[1] https://github.com/VerySleepy/verysleepy

Will try to do so if I have time (not this week).

>Yeah, a different rendering path is probably involved when using RDP.
>This suggests that the X server option '-engine 1' might also be a work-around
No difference.

>You might also like to try '-nocompositewm', as the default setting for 
>that has changed in the past year.
Did not help, unfortunately.


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