FAST_CWD pointer problem

Marco Atzeri
Sun Jul 2 09:56:00 GMT 2017

On 02/07/2017 11:19, edgar47 reis wrote:
> Hello,

dear Edgar,
this is a public mailing list about cygwin project,
it is not a support helpdesk for third part software.
I am replying to you and to the mailing list as I presume
you are not subscribed to it.

Archives are here

and you can subscribe at

> I tried using your software, but this message appeared on my screen

Which software ? I suspect a third party software re-using a portion
of the cygwin project.

>  1 [main] john 4644 find_fast_cwd: WARNING: Couldn't compute FAST_CWD
> pointer.  Please report this problem to
> the public mailing list
> Could you please help me to solve this problem ?

The usual solution is to update to last cygwin version,
as this issue was solved years ago.
You can looks on the archive for the long list of same answer
in the past.
If you are using a third party software you need to
inform them that they are using an obsolete version
and ask for un update.

> Best wishes,
> Edgar

In case you are really using a recent cygwin version,
please follow guideline at

> Problem reports:

and provide as attachment the cygcheck.out.

Best Regards

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