g++ std::map initializing raises segmentation fault.

Masamichi Hosoda trueroad@trueroad.jp
Fri Jul 7 14:09:00 GMT 2017

> On 07/07/2017 14:51, Marco Atzeri wrote:
>> On 06/07/2017 14:26, Masamichi Hosoda wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> On Cygwin 2.8.1 x86_64, I've found that g++ std:map initializing
>>> may raise segmentation fault.
>>> The binary compiled with cygwin-devel-2.8.0-1
>>> does not raise segmentation fault
>>> even if on Cygwin 2.8.1 x86_64 environments.
>> I can not replicate.
> Wrong. I can replicate.
> One solution is to use the gcc-6.3.0-2 compiler in test
> https://www.cygwin.com/ml/cygwin-announce/2017-06/msg00079.html

Thank you for your information.

If I understand correctly, there is three workaround solutions.

. Use g++ option `-std=gnu++11` instead of `-std=c++11`
    TANNHAUSER Falk reported in

    I've tried this. It works fine.

. Downgrade `cygwin-devel` to 2.8.0-1 instead of 2.8.1-1.
    I reported in

    Of course, it works fine in my environment.

. Use gcc-6.3.0-2 instead of gcc-5.4.0-1
    You reported in

    I'd like to try this.


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