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Sun Jul 23 18:14:00 GMT 2017

On 23/07/2017 16:58, Jack wrote:
> On 2017.07.23 08:32, mike wrote:
>> Hi
>> I updated my Cywin installation on the 21st or 22nd of July 2017.  I 
>> run 32-bit Cygwin/X on 64-bit Win 7 Pro.  If I launch the Cygwin Xwin 
>> Server I get the icon at the very top middle of the screen and can 
>> then go into the icons menu and right click on the Cygwin icon and 
>> get a list of categories of applications to run and apparently launch 
>> because if I try to launch some and wait long enough and right click 
>> on the aforementioned icon and select quit it says there are N apps 
>> running and do I want to close them.  The problem is that anything I 
>> launch through the icons menu doesn't display anywhere and in 
>> particular doesn't appear in the task bar.  I have read the FAQ and 
>> UG but can't find what I'm looking for.  It definitely seems to me 
>> that the behaviour has changed since before I updated.
>> Can somebody please tell me what I am doing wrong?  I would be very 
>> grateful for any help.  Thanks in advance.
>> Mike
> Are you sure those apps you are trying to launch are actually 
> installed?  You could always bring up a Cygwin terminal (not through 
> the X icon) and explicitly "export DISPLAY=0:0" and then try to launch 
> one of the apps from the command line to see any errors.
> Jack

All I did was download setup-x86.exe on the 21st, run it and when 
presented with the drop down View list used Pending (by default) and 
then clicked Next etc.  If I switch to Up To Date when presented with 
the drop down View list it does indeed show that everything I've tried 
to run is installed.  I must have hundreds of packages installed.  I did 
that last year intentionally.  I selected packages to install by 
Category and then installed the entire Categories. That's what I'm 
saying all this stuff used to just work and now it just doesn't so I'm 
either completely missing the obvious or else it really seems like 
something is wrong with my installation or the behaviour has changed.  
If I'm just missing the obvious then please just tell me where I'm going 

I do not want to uninstall everything and then re-install because I have 
no confidence that that will solve the problem.  To repeat the Cygwin/X 
icon is there and the menu is there.  The packages that I am most 
immediately interested in are the Cygwin Emacs packages which are 
clearly in the Up To Date list.  If the packages aren't installed then 
why would they show up in the menu?  If I look in C:\cygwin\bin I can 
see among others emacsclient-nox.exe, emacsclient-X11.exe, emacs-nox.exe 
and emacs-X11.exe so they're installed right?

Thank you.


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