how to access and display apps that I've launched

Achim Gratz
Thu Jul 27 02:38:00 GMT 2017

Ian Lambert via cygwin writes:
> Indeed, Cygwin is installed on a FAT32 formatted
> external drive, which is limited to 1980-01-01 on
> the early end.

Yes, that's the problem.  Oh well, a braindead fs, where have I seen
that before… is there any other such system in use that somebody would
want to install Cygwin on and what's their start of the epoch?

> So apparently rebase has not been working for me
> "forever," and since pi day this year on the latest
> install...

Well, you can just touch them with something 1980 and it will start
working again (and keep working).  I'll think of what's the right fix in
autorebase to implement and update and then it will be fixed once and
for all.

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