accept: Bad address

Mark Geisert
Wed Apr 4 05:59:00 GMT 2018

Ilguiz Latypov via cygwin wrote:
> Hello,
> The latest Cygwin 64-bit release with the snapshot cygwin1.dll copied on top of it shows an "accept: Bad address error" in 3 reproducible cases:
> (a) The sshd daemon on receiving a connection request.
> (b) The XWin server on receiving a connection request from an X11 client such as xterm.
> (c) The Python server receiving a TCP connection in the socket's accept().

That is likely a different problem with similar symptoms.

> A StackOverflow question 41018644 from December 2016 showed an example of the bug with the Python server (c).

There seems to have been a brief period of time in March where accept() was not 
working properly.  There was one report on the list (from Denis Excoffier) and 
at the same time it wasn't working for me, also using X, on a personal build of 
the Cygwin DLL from git source.  Denis later reported it working again, and I 
can confirm it is working again for me.

One option is to use the previous snapshot, dated 20180220.  The other is to 
wait until the next snapshot (after 20180309) is available.

Corinna or somebody else with the chops/access, could we get a new Cygwin DLL 
snapshot built when you have a chance?


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