How to handle length limit of PATH environment variable

Steven Penny
Thu Apr 5 11:50:00 GMT 2018

On Thu, 5 Apr 2018 11:19:01, Peter Bauer wrote:
> i was bitten by the length limit of the PATH variable of 4095 characters 
> (see [1]) and could not find a way around it. This means i have a lot of 
> software packages in different directories and each of them adds itself 
> to the PATH so one can run the executables and have the shared libs 
> available.

My Cygwin PATH looks like this:


However I also have an install script that has lines like this:

    ln -s 'c:/program files/gpac/mp4box.exe' /usr/local/bin

This is good because you often *dont* want to be adding these directories to the
PATH. Good example is "C:\Windows\System32". It might have some programs you
want on the PATH (FTP, PING, REG, SETX), but if you add the whole directory you
are going to get collisions (EXPAND, FC, FIND, HELP, RESET, etc)

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