Floating point exception in strtod()

Soegtrop, Michael michael.soegtrop@intel.com
Sun Apr 8 12:57:00 GMT 2018

> Probably doesn't fit precisely into a double.  Does strtold behave
> better?

actually both numbers can be represented exactly as IEEE double. In Maxima:

(%i1)	factor(121645100408832000);
(%o1)	2^16*3^8*5^3*7^2*11*13*17*19
(%i2)	float(log(3^8*5^3*7^2*11*13*17*19)/log(2));
(%o2)	40.75545582601886

(%i3)	factor(221645100408832000);
(%o3)	2^16*5^3*31*41*1361*15641
(%i4)	float(log(5^3*31*41*1361*15641)/log(2));
(%o4)	41.62102908434535

So the first number has 41 bits and the second 42 after removing powers of 2. The significand size of a double is 53 bits (including the implicit 1).

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