Bug in Python3 ('tempfile', 'subprocess', '_hashlib')

Giuseppe Scelsi giuseppe.scelsi@analog.com
Mon Apr 9 23:40:00 GMT 2018

Thank you guys for your help.  I did a full rebase to no avail.  But 
this now looks like an issue specific to my machine, I asked some of my 
colleagues to run some tests on their PCs and they cannot reproduce this 
issue either.  I could try to reinstall Cygwin from scratch, but I am 
going to update to a new machine soon and my workaround allows me to 
keep going for the time being, so I have decided it's not worth spending 
any more time on this, unless someone feels this could be of general 
interest.  Thanks again for your assistance.


On 09/04/18 11:14, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
> On 2018-04-05 20:14, Giuseppe Scelsi wrote:
>> Using freshly-updated Cygwin 64-bit under Windows 7 Enterprise Ver 6.1
>> and Python 3 version 3.6.4.
>> The execution of the following script:
>>      import subprocess
>>      import _hashlib
>>      import _sha3
>>      subprocess.run('pwd')
>> always results in 'BlockingIOError: [Errno 11] Resource temporarily
>> unavailable'.
>> I saw this error first in a script that imported 'tempfile' together
>> with 'subprocess' (in any order):
>>      import subprocess
>>      import tempfile
>>      subprocess.run('pwd')
>> I then managed to narrow down the problem to the '_sha3' module.
>> Notice that you need to import both '_hashlib' and '_sha3' *in that
>> order*.  If I swap the order and import '_sha3' before '_hashlib', the
>> error becomes sporadic, sometimes it happens and sometimes not.
>> This problem makes it impossible to use 'tempfile' and 'subprocess' in
>> the same script.  My workaround is currently to disable '_sha3' in
>> '/lib/python3.6/hashlib.py' by adding at line 62:
>>      __always_supported = __always_supported[0:8]
>> This problem only happens in Cygwin 64, 32-bit Cygwin works ok.
>> Can anyone reproduce this problem?
> Not here.  This may be a fork issue though; please try rebase-trigger
> all and run setup to see if that helps.

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