Cygwin Statistics and curiosity

Marco Atzeri
Tue May 1 12:50:00 GMT 2018

following a unpleasant discussion about cygwin usability
I wondered how many users cygwin have.

I decided to look at cygwin web server statistics for setup
download to have some basic data.

The web server log are stored for 12 weeks and I see that the number of
download per week of setup-x86_64.exe are relative stable.

cygwin-combined_log-20180204.gz  94749
cygwin-combined_log-20180211.gz  92740
cygwin-combined_log-20180218.gz  82597
cygwin-combined_log-20180225.gz  92420
cygwin-combined_log-20180304.gz  101957
cygwin-combined_log-20180311.gz  98670
cygwin-combined_log-20180318.gz  97539
cygwin-combined_log-20180325.gz  98178
cygwin-combined_log-20180401.gz  96515
cygwin-combined_log-20180408.gz  90326
cygwin-combined_log-20180415.gz  95458
cygwin-combined_log-20180422.gz  92738

with an average 94490 download per week.

For the 32bit version the number instead are
around a quarter of the 64bit one.

cygwin-combined_log-20180204.gz	23567
cygwin-combined_log-20180211.gz	31473
cygwin-combined_log-20180218.gz	35067
cygwin-combined_log-20180225.gz	27618
cygwin-combined_log-20180304.gz	26236
cygwin-combined_log-20180311.gz	31383
cygwin-combined_log-20180318.gz	27372
cygwin-combined_log-20180325.gz	23872
cygwin-combined_log-20180401.gz	20486
cygwin-combined_log-20180408.gz	21647
cygwin-combined_log-20180415.gz	21793
cygwin-combined_log-20180422.gz	21563
with an average 26006 download per week.

So in total we have  around 120 K download per week
of the two setup exe's

As curiosity the raw data of x86 download were
very high in February due to a single
Windows 98 in Japan that was downloading 201122
times in a week the setup-x86.exe


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