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Ken Harris
Fri May 4 01:23:00 GMT 2018

Hi Marco:
                Sorry for not replying to the original exchange we had. I wasn't subscribed to the list but now I am so it won't happen again (so I'm quoting our exchange below).
                I installed and built cygwin1.dll with an added assert in to identify when the buffer underrun condition I originally described occurs:

$ diff -b ./cygwin-2.10.0-1.src/newlib-cygwin/winsup/cygwin/ ./cygwin-2.10.0-1.src/newlib-cygwin/winsup/cygwin/
<                   ;
>                   assert(p >= path);

                Thus, a simple:

                cat '\A../../../B'

                will result in the assert firing:

kharris@ah-kharris /usr/src
$ cat '\A../../../B'
assertion "p >= path" failed: file "../../.././winsup/cygwin/", line 2803, function: int symlink_info::check(char*, const suffix_info*, fs_info&, path_conv_handle&)
Aborted (core dumped)

Attached is a patch (in addition to the added assert) with what I *think* might really fix the problem. This was where the expected backslash got squashed which allowed symlink_info::check() to go "negative" with its 'p' pointer and look for a backslash in someone else's memory.

                I've applied this "correction" in our MSYS2 code.  I hope to get some flight-time with it soon (long duration, automated processing)  and if it causes unexpected problems, I'll report back on that. Otherwise, I just hope it might be helpful to anyone who might run into similar puzzling circumstances (the puzzle is when the errant 'p' pointer _doesn't_ find a stray backslash in someone else's memory. It segv-s and _that_ was the nasty part of the puzzle).


On 5/2/2018 3:49 PM, Ken Harris wrote:

                     While originally investigating a sporadic failure in MSYS2, I believe I found that its origin may actually be within Cygwin.

                     Given the following command sequence on cygwin64 in a CMD.EXE command prompt (on Windows 10 x64 if it matters).

       cd C:\Cygwin64\bin
                     echo.exe running \"test\" logging to ../../../my.log

Not clear to me what is the exact command line to replicate

In addition "C:\Cygwin64\bin" is "/bin" so where do you expect
/bin/../../../my.log to be ?

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