Request new Ruby release

Steven Penny
Sat May 5 06:56:00 GMT 2018

On Sat, 5 May 2018 07:27:22, Marco Atzeri wrote:
> I am still waiting that you show your code.

i did, here, i can do it again:

> Jon Yong is doing an hell of job taming a monster program,

no one is arguing that, i agree its a tough package to maintain

> and your comments are NOT appropriated.

certainly not by you - and probably others on this list. but my arguments do
have merit. GCC as an example is a fast updating package. and as "politically
incorrect" as it might be, jon could be doing a better job in regards to
velocity of release - at a minimum we should have test versions for GCC 7 and
or 8 already for ALL arches and ALL targets.

> I do not see a huge queue of volunteers,

this is a false assumption - no one volunteers because a maintainer is already
in place - thats like applying for a job that is filled - but if he vacated and
corinna or whatever posted an "opening" - i am confident it would be filled

> and I do not see your maintaining efforts.

not sure what you mean by this - no i havent maintained an official cygwin
package - but i maintain several public facing cygwin packages:

along with a Cygwin package manager:

> This only show how ignorant you are about programming language and
> their usage. Clearly you are not an engineer.

id say the same to you - as you seen keen on throwing insults rather than links
and examples - cheers.

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