[ANNOUNCEMENT] Test: gnuplot-5.2.3-1

Tatsuro MATSUOKA tmacchant2@yahoo.co.jp
Tue May 8 11:22:00 GMT 2018

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> From: Achim Gratz 
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> Date: 2018/5/7, Mon 04:41
> Subject: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Test: gnuplot-5.2.3-1
> Gnuplot version 5.2.3 is available as a test version on Cygwin now.
> Note:
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> The configuration has changed to not include "backwards compatibility)
> any longer, which removes partial support for deprecated features.
> Unless I hear of problems with this change, this version will be
> promoted to be the current version in a few weeks, so please test your
> scripts with the new version.
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This is feature request and I do not want the below to implement on 5.2.3 but in the future version.

1. wxt support
x11 is obsolated terminal. 
To implement qt terminal, a patch to qt described shown
in my site [1] is required. 
But wxt terminal can be implemented if you link wxwidegets libraries on cygwin.
(One patch required for gnuplot side and require Set NO_AT_BRIDGE environmental variable to 1  [1]).

2. cerf support
libcerf is not supported in gnuplot of cygwin official. 
For static library for libcerf it is easy to build but dynamic libraries cannot be build by default.
But please consider to implement of complex error function facility.

[1] http://www.tatsuromatsuoka.com/gnuplot/Eng/cygbin/README_TM.txt


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