Programs become a no-op [SOLVED]

Boylan, Ross
Tue May 15 19:04:00 GMT 2018

Thanks Marco, David and Brian for your responses.

After the diagnostic steps described below, suggested by you, I ran the setup program and told it to reinstall cygwin, cygwin-base, and adwaita-icon-theme.  ssh and man are working again.

I'm a little puzzled how I got in this state, although it's possible I ran setup while I had a terminal open.  And I wonder why the setup program didn't reinstall the damaged packages itself, or at least complain about them (though there were some complaints--see last paragraph below).

Running strace ssh produced a popup 
   "The procedure entry point __memcpy_chk could not be located in the dynamic link library cygwin1.dll"
and cygcheck's output included
Package                   Version             Status
_autorebase               001007-1            OK
Missing file: /usr/share/icons/Adwaita/icon-theme.cache from package adwaita-icon-theme
adwaita-icon-theme        3.26.1-1            Incomplete
alternatives              1.3.30c-10          OK
at-spi2-core              2.26.2-1            OK
base-cygwin               3.8-1               OK
base-files                4.2-4               OK
bash                      4.4.12-3            OK
bzip2                     1.0.6-3             OK
ca-certificates           2.22-1              OK
coreutils                 8.26-2              OK
csih                      0.9.9-1             OK
curl                      7.59.0-1            OK
cygrunsrv                 1.62-1              OK
cygutils                  1.4.16-2            OK
Missing file: /usr/bin/gencat.exe from package cygwin
cygwin                    2.10.0-1            Incomplete

Those were the only 2 Incomplete packages.

Finally, I've been getting errors from the post-installation that some packages were not setup, but since they all seemed to be graphical and I don't have cygwin/X installed I thought they were harmless.  I guess they weren't. After the package reinstallation I get no such errors.


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