[ANNOUNCEMENT] time 1.9-1

Andrew Schulman schulman.andrew@epa.gov
Wed May 16 15:50:00 GMT 2018

time 1.9-1 is now available in Cygwin.  This is a new upstream release, with
minor new features, bug fixes, and documentation improvements. An excerpt of the
NEWS file since the previous release (1.7.2-1) is below.

The 'time' command runs another program, then displays information about the
resources used by that program, collected by the system while the program was
running. You can select which information is reported and the format in which it
is shown, or have 'time' save the information in a file instead of displaying it
on the screen.

Andrew E. Schulman

* Noteworthy changes in release 1.9 (2018-03-12) [stable]

** Improvements

  time now reports percent CPU usage for programs lasting less then 1 second.
  previously, time would report '??%' if programs lasted less than 1 second.
  (adopted from Fedora).

** Changes in behaviour

  "time -p" no longers adds the "Command exited with non-zero status" message.
  This is a backward-incompatible change for better POSIX compliance.
  Many downstream distributions previously patched 'time' to behave this way
  (Debian added '-q', Fedora patched '-p').

* Noteworthy changes in release 1.8 (2017-11-07) [stable]

** Licensing

  First official release under GPLv3-or-later.
  Previous version (v1.7) was GPLv2-or-later.
  The code in the git repository has been updated to GPLv3-or-later
  in 2015 (in git-tagged version 1.7.1).

** New Features

  time supports new -q/--quiet option to suppresses abnormal
  program terminal (non-exit codes or signals).
  Modelled after Debian's  https://bugs.debian.org/56853 .

  time now uses the following exit codes (same as GNU coreutils' env):
   125 = Wrong usage or internal error prior to exec attempt.
   126 = Program located, but not usable.
   127 = Could not find program to exec.

  time now exits with code '128 + Signal number' when the program
  is terminated by a signal.
  Modelled after Debian's 'non-normal-exit' upstream patch,
  and behaves the same as GNU coreutils' timeout(1).

  time now reports MAX-RSS values correctly on modern systems
  (the old code base, last updated in 1996, incorrectly calculated
  pages/kilobytes and overestimated MAX-RSS).
  Modelled after Debian's https://bugs.debian.org/649402 .

** Improvements

  Use gnulib modules and build infrastructure.

  New tests infrastructure (make check).

  Portability improvements (e.g. detection of time.h, sys/resources.h,
  getrusage now delegated to gnulib).


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