3 steps to reduce your EMI costs in an easy way

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The principle of shielding is creating a conductive layer completely surrounding the object you want to shield. This was invented by Michael Faraday and this system is known as a Faraday Cage. Watch our new video to see how you should shield your hardware in 3 steps from electromagnetic interference.

Watch "EMI shielding in 3 steps" video
Ideally, the shielding layer will be made up of conductive sheets or layers of metal that are connected by means of welding or soldering, without any interruptions. The shield is perfect when there is no difference in conductivity between the used materials. When dealing with frequencies below 30 MHz , the metal thickness affects shielding effectiveness. We also offer a range of shielding methods for plastic enclosures. A complete absence of interruptions is not a realistic goal, since the Faraday cage will have to be opened from time to time so electronics, equipment or people can be moved in or out. Openings are also needed for displays, ventilation, cooling, power supply, signals etcetera.

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