Workaround for cygwin's way of linking folders?

Johnathan Schneider
Sun Dec 6 22:41:38 GMT 2020

Hi all,

I'm setting up a cross platform development environment using Cygwin. Upon attempting to use Cygwin's CMake that is natively bundled, I discovered that Cygwin goes looking for the gcc in /usr/bin/cc, a folder that does not exist according to windows. I have familiarized myself with the Cygwin way of organizing it's folders, seen here and and thus I know that Cygwin's /usr/bin folder is in fact /bin - according to windows, anyways. However, I'm not familiar with how to work around that on windows. In particular, virtually all of my IDEs' attempts to call CMake fail, because I proceed to ask it to call the gcc and windows, as is explained in the above FAQ's, does not recognize the Cygwin-way of referencing folders.

Alas, my question - what is the recommended workaround?

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