Possible vim bug

Gary Johnson garyjohn@spocom.com
Mon Dec 7 21:57:53 GMT 2020

On 2020-12-07, Eric Connor via Cygwin wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been experiencing an issue where I’m trying to format columns in vim
> using: :*%!column –t*, which had been working great.
> At some point I had to update Cygwin, and (not correlating it to a possible
> update issue, until recently) found that this command has been returning
> “shell returned 127” error.
> Today, I tested whether this command would work on a server (with a version
> of mlos), and found that it worked.
> The version of vim on my server is considerably older than my Cygwin
> version:
> Server: 7.4
> Local: 8.2
> Is there a way to either back-rev vim further (if an old install repo
> existed, that would be ideal), or someone review what was updated to make
> vim not happy with the column command?
> I also compared both versions of the column command, and they were the same
> on both my server *and* my local workstion...thus my conclusion that this
> seems to be a vim-related matter.
> I was successful in back-reving to 8.1, simply because I had the previous
> setup file for Cygwin, but older versions are a bit more difficult to
> locate...and I'm doubtful that going back much further wouldn't cause
> damage to my current setup.

I just tried this on a fresh install of Cygwin on Windows 10 and it
worked fine.

    $ vim -N -u NONE
    :r!ls -l
    13 more lines
    :%!column -t
    14 lines filtered
    :echo v:shell_error

I assumed that the asterisks in your example command were some sort
of formatting artifact.

In the shell I ran "cygcheck -cd" and found the following versions:

    cygwin                    3.1.7-1
    vim                       8.2.0486-1
    vim-common                8.2.0486-1
    vim-doc                   8.2.0486-1
    vim-minimal               8.2.0486-1
    util-linux                2.33.1-2
    bash                      4.4.12-3

Util-linux is the package containing column.

So I don't see a bug at all.


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