bash-4.4.12-3: Building package with gcc-10.2 fails due to duplicate symbols

Csaba Raduly
Thu Dec 17 08:24:36 GMT 2020

On Wed, 16 Dec 2020 at 18:48, Mattl Mario wrote:
> You’re right
> e.g. setting environment CFLAGS=-fcommon before executing "configure"
> then it works

What are you talking about? Is this a new kind of "me too" message?
Are you responding to somebody? If yes, what did they say?

You really should get a proper email client, one that is able to
follow a thread and not start a new thread for every reply.

You can get very substantial performance improvements
by not doing the right thing. - Scott Meyers, An Effective C++11/14 Sampler
So if you're looking for a completely portable, 100% standards-conformant way
to get the wrong information: this is what you want. - Scott Meyers (C++TDaWYK)

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