chmod issue on 3.1.7.

Kaz Kylheku (Cygwin)
Fri Dec 25 09:15:22 GMT 2020

On 2020-12-24 14:56, Ken Brown via Cygwin wrote:
> Could the problem be that the owner and group are the same?  You can
> do that on unix, but I'm not sure the Windows security model allows
> it.  For example, what happens when you remove permissions of the
> owner kaz while retaining the permissions of the group kaz?  As far as
> Windows is concerned, you're talking about BLACKBOX\kaz in both cases,
> I think.

I have no idea where that came from. All files in the Cygwin 
(/bin, /usr/bin, /lib, ...) are owned by kaz:kaz. Numerically,
197613:197613. The UID and GID are the same number.

I don't see a passwd file any more in current Cygwin, but getpwent 

4$ txr
This is the TXR Lisp interactive listener of TXR 243.
Quit with :quit or Ctrl-D on an empty line. Ctrl-X ? for cheatsheet.
1> (getpwent)
#S(passwd name "kaz" passwd "*" uid 197613 gid 197613 gecos 
           dir "/home/kaz" shell "/bin/bash")
2> (getpwent)
#S(passwd name "SYSTEM" passwd "*" uid 18 gid 18 gecos "U-NT 
           dir "/home/SYSTEM" shell "/bin/bash")

I have no clue where this configuration came from. Is there some 
for these names when a new installation is made?

If nobody else has this problem, I must have done something wrong.

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