tee: 'standard output': Permission denied

Andry andry@inbox.ru
Sun Dec 27 02:04:21 GMT 2020

Hello Cygwin,

  I am trying to change directory before run a bash shell with login:

  "%CYGWIN_ROOT%\bin\bash.exe" -c "{ cd ""%PWD:\=/%""; CHERE_INVOKING=. ""%CYGWIN_ROOT:\=/%/bin/bash.exe"" -l -i; } 2>&1 | ""%CYGWIN_ROOT:\=/%/bin/tee.exe"" -a ""%PROJECT_LOG_FILE:\=/%"""

  , where:

  CYGWIN_ROOT - path to cygwin root directory
  PWD - arbitrary working directory to run bash from
  PROJECT_LOG_FILE - path to log file to log stdout+stderr

  Currently this throws the error: `tee: 'standard output': Permission
  denied` if try to type not valid command or expression, and input is

  The same behaviour in the msys.

  Do anyone have a solution?

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