BUG Report (SOLVED): rlwrap + cygwin (dll) + Windows 10

Alberto Moral Beneitez alb_moral@yahoo.es
Mon Dec 28 20:02:25 GMT 2020

 Hi, again
I've just realized that  new cygwin DLL keeps terminal edit capabilities for DOS commands (basically: retriving previous commands with arrow keys), what is a very good feature.(I use mintty as terminal. I forgot to mention in my previous email).

So, I apologize and answer myself: now it's not necesary to use rlwrap to retrive previous command lines, because the DOS commands I use have this functionality, and now Cygwin respects it.
Anyway, as I like all the functionalities that rlwrap provides (history file included), one solution that I've found (perhaps not very smart) is to "encapsulate" the DOS command with pipelines, isolating  it from the terminal. For example
  rlwrap -C cmd  bash -c 'cat | cmd |& cat'

Or even translating the charset of the output with iconv (in my case from CP850 to ISO8859-1). I use stdbuf -o0 to leave the output unbuffered:

  rlwrap -C cmd  bash -c 'cat | cmd |& stdbuf -o0 iconv -f CP850 -t iso8859-1' 
So, there is no need to correct anything in the DLL cygwin.
 Thank you very much anyway and best regards,
Alberto Moral

   En sábado, 12 de diciembre de 2020 21:05:05 CET, Alberto Moral Beneitez <alb_moral@yahoo.es> escribió:  
 Hi, everybody
First of all, this is my first bug report, so I don't know if I am doing correctly... I don't know if one must be registered to summit this type of repport. And be patient with my English.

The problem is that rlwrap has stopped working in combination with:   
   - Windows 10 (I use version 2004, compilation 19041.685, Spanish). It still works in Windows 8.1 and previous   

   - rlwrap 0.37-1
   - cygwin 3.1.7-1 (Unix emulation engine). The last version that works in WIndows 10 is 3.0.7-1.   

   - any DOS/Windows command line application (as Oracle sqlplus, Dimensions dmcli, or even Windows cmd)

For example, you can try with DOS/Windows cmd: 

    rlwrap cmd
It clears the screen and does not work.
As I've said, it works with:   
   -  previous versions of Windows (8.1, 7)    

   - versions 3.0.7-1 or previous of the cygwin package.
   - of course, with cygwin interactive commands (the problem only appears with DOS/Windows command line apps)

Thanks in advance for your great job (I use cygwin for a long time and is an essential part in the Windows computers I use).


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