Oracle SQLPLUS and the latest release Kill a line (control U default) not working

Marco Atzeri
Sat May 2 10:44:36 GMT 2020

Am 30.04.2020 um 17:34 schrieb jsteifel:
> I'm totally frustrated by this. I do not want to have to add this to all the
> systems I have since I don't have a development env setup with compilers, I
> am finding the shift key doesn't work at all.

that is strange, can you clarify the conditions ?

> I have an older version of cygwin, no problem. Why is it a problem now. Why
> would the new code require this, yet the old works fine?
> I am finding this new env to be more windows like in a few areas than Nix
> like.
> What is it that drove the developers to take this action and make it
> incompatible with forked processes?

it is usually adding features or trying to correct mistakes,
unfortunately it is almost impossible to test all NOT cygwin

So about your problem:

- under Mintty, what setting are you using as Keyboard Features ?

- Are you runnign SQLPLUS locally or remote ?

- Have you tested the "set CYGWIN=disable_pcon" before running
Cygwin ?

It will be nice to have a bit more of description of the problem
and of your Windows system
as mentioned on
please provide the cygcheck.out as attachment.




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