Groups command failing me in Windows 10

Chris Wagner
Wed May 13 00:43:30 GMT 2020

On 2020-05-12 3:45 pm, David wrote:
> The groups command in the cmd window on Windows 10 shows None as my 
> first group.
> When I use the dir command to create a file, the security display
> shows no error.
> When I use the touch command to create a file, I get "The permissions
> on ... are incorrectly ordered [NULL if first]

Hi David.  The first thing to realize is that POSIX permissions and 
Windows ACLs are almost impossible to reconcile.  Best to pick one and 
ignore the other. has additional information.

To set your group you should do it in /etc/passwd.
If you don't have one, do: mkpasswd > /etc/passwd

Then edit the file and change the 4th field on the line with your 
username to the group Id for Users.


Then restart ALL Cygwin processes and id should show Users as your 
primary group.  Any files created by a Windows process however will 
still put None as the group.

Hope that helps.


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