Trying to install older version (9.50) of ghostscript - still got 9.52

Jim Garrison
Wed May 20 00:14:31 GMT 2020

The current version of ghostscript is 9.52, but I need to install the
previous version, 9.50.  I asked setup_x64.exe to replace 9.52 with
9.50, but after doing this gs --version still said 9.52.

The problem seems to be that downgrading ghostscript from 9.52 to 9.50
does not also downgrade its dependency libgs9 back to 9.50.  Is this
something the setup system could handle, or is it just something
one must know to look for when downgrading packages?

I also tried uninstalling ghostscript 9.52 and reinstalling, but
that didn't touch libgs9 either.

Jim Garrison

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