Cygwin/X custom .xlaunch problem?

Jim Garrison
Fri May 22 16:24:28 GMT 2020

I've installed Cygwin/X and have a question about custom .xlaunch

I would like to pin a custom .xlaunch config to my Start menu, but do
not seem to be able to do so.  The Cygwin/X install did set up a file
association between the .xlaunch extension and run.exe, so if I
double-click a .xlaunch file it runs the X server with the stored
custom config.

However, in the right-click context menu for the custom .xlaunch file
the "Pin to Start" option is not available.  It seems Windows does not
recognize the .xlaunch file as eligible for "pinning" to Start.

Next I tried copying the custom .xlaunch file directly into the Start
Menu folder
(under C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Cygwin-X),
but no entry appears in the actual Start Menu.

I also tried creating a shortcut to the .xlaunch file and attempting
to pin that, as well as copying the shortcut into the Start Menu
folder. Neither of those options worked.

So then I tried customizing the XLaunch shortcut (which IS already
pinned to the Start Menu) and adding the

    -run /path/to/custom/.xlaunch

to the command line, as in:

    C:\cygwin64\bin\run.exe /usr/bin/bash.exe -l -c \
        /usr/bin/xlaunch.exe -run /home/jim/.xlaunch/jhg.xlaunch

The resulting shortcut CAN be pinned, but the -run option seems to be
ignored. XLaunch starts up the option dialog instead of running X with
the custom configuration.

Running that same command from a Windows .cmd has the same effect --
XLaunch brings up the customization dialog as if the -run option was not
present.  The -load option also fails to work as described in the man

I think this is a bug because run.exe seems to be ignoring the -load and
-run options.

Jim Garrison

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