Cygwin doesn't support IO_REPARSE_TAG_APPEXECLINK

Marco Atzeri
Sun May 24 10:38:43 GMT 2020

On 24.05.2020 11:51, Kagami Rosylight via Cygwin wrote:
> From: Marco Atzeri
>> `Reply always with mailing list in copy, please
>> and bottom posting as standard

>> have you tested
>> "cygstart
>> /cygdrive/c/Users/Kagami/AppData/Local/Microsoft/WindowsApps/python3.8.exe
>>    " ?
>> Regards
>> Marco
> That works by opening a new window. MSYS2 doesn’t have it by default and I can’t add conditional cygstart calls everywhere just to workaround this issue, though.
> Sorry for not keeping the standard style 😬. Which email client do you use to do the "bottom posting"? I copied the whole body from Outlook to my IDE and added ">" to write this, is this what you are doing? It seems there should be more straightforward way as all mailing list users are using this style.
> --

I am usually using Thunderbird, but it works also with Gmail web 
interface with a bit of patience and after setting for NOT using HTML
mail format.


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