[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty 3.1.6

Maarten Hoes hoes.maarten@gmail.com
Tue May 26 21:00:59 GMT 2020

On Tue, May 26, 2020 at 10:43 PM Brian Inglis

> On 2020-05-26 13:16, Maarten Hoes via Cygwin wrote:
> > On Tue, May 26, 2020 at 7:36 PM Thomas Wolff wrote:
> >> and please remember not to "top-post" if you respond there]
> > [not aimed at you specifically, but ]
> > Owwwh, for the love of ***, can 'we' be at least a little more lenient
> > about this? I fully realize that people have their clear preferences
> here,
> > but [like the 'indent by spaces or tabs' discussion]:
> > The eighties called, and they want they're discussion back.
> [Please trim email addresses from bodies so they do not appear in
> archives!]
> Outlook TOFU email posting style is manageable for a one-on-one personal
> email
> thread, but it's a mess when you have posters providing minimal
> information in
> each response to requests for more info, from multiple volunteer
> respondents who
> would like to understand enough to help, or multiple subthreads with
> followups
> in different directions.
> Some maintainers are extremely busy with limited time to either respond
> here, or
> upgrade or diagnose and fix problems with packages, so just won't respond
> to
> TOFU, posters who provide insufficient information, or think there is a
> company
> or employees providing Cygwin products and support, rather than all being
> volunteers, and who expect or demand immediate "mystical" support in
> response to
> a message like "something broke and we think it might be Cygwin".
> Others here will try to pry enough information from posters to point them
> in a
> useful direction, or provide enough comprehensible information in a format
> that
> busy maintainers can quickly read and address an issue with a package.

(I honestly did not mean to hijack this thread, but unintentionally seem to
have done so anyway, sorry for that).

Although I fully understand all of these points (like but not limited to
[unrealistically] expecting there to be fully paid support personal
responding to posts like 'cygwin does not wrk! please fix asap!)'

My only remark was about; does it really matter if:

top posters do :
this is my reaction
> this was the original post

> this was the original post
this is my reaction

That's all folks.

- Maarten

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