opam package should depend on ocaml-compiler-libs

David Allsopp David.Allsopp@cl.cam.ac.uk
Thu May 28 09:28:38 GMT 2020

opam assumes that OCaml installed by the "OS" package manager is "complete"
(i.e. is the same as "make install" from the OCaml sources), which is a
problem when "OS" package managers split upstream ocaml and don't install
the ocaml-compiler-libs package by default.

Please could either the opam or ocaml package be updated to depend on
ocaml-compiler-libs. Fixes

Debian/Ubuntu and Fedora both also have ocaml-compiler-libs packages, but
it's installed by their ocaml package as well.

Arch chooses not to do this, having packages like ocaml-findlib expressly
depending on ocaml-compilerlibs and so also has its opam package depend on

As both an upstream OCaml and opam maintainer, I don't mind which package
has the dependency, but if opam is installed, please can any
system-installed ocaml definitely be "complete"!

Many thanks,


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