setup-x86_64.exe does not start in win10 20H2

Brian Inglis
Sat Dec 11 05:38:45 GMT 2021

On 2021-12-10 13:19, Kutty, Rejeesh wrote:
>>> Renamed that DLL -- same behavior, and same  access violation in WinDbg.
>>> Killed all Beyond Trust Services/Tasks -- same behavior.

You will probably need to restart Windows after any changes in order to 
unload or reload DLLs and associated data.

>> Does WinDBG still show the DLL loaded?

 > No it didn't, but it reported access violation after RPCRT4.dll.
 > (This is the RPC API, as per google).

Many of these apps have difficulty handling dynamic modification, 
cleanly removing themselves from the call or message chains they insert 
themselves into, transparently passing along arbitrary calls, data, 
events, or messages, especially when application code is multithreaded 
and reentrant using mutexes and waits.

Beyond Trust is on the Cygwin Big List of Dodgy Apps: poorly written 
(often so-called "anti-malware", "anti-virus", or "security") software 
that monitors, logs, blocks, and/or interferes with normal operation of 
many applications, with effects sometimes indistinguishable from 
malware, and known to prevent Cygwin working properly; see:

Beyond Trust has caused problems because its certs became outdated 
unless you kept the product and its certs updated. Try updating the 
product and check its certs are up to date in the cert store.
If that fails you may need to raise a case with the product vendor 
regarding Cygwin 64; especially useful to mention:

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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