setup-x86_64.exe does not start in win10 20H2

Marco Atzeri
Tue Dec 14 06:31:04 GMT 2021

On 14.12.2021 07:17, Brian Inglis wrote:
> On 2021-12-13 16:26, Kutty, Rejeesh wrote:
>> I uninstalled Beyond Trust with our IT help, rebooted, same behavior.
>> I then came upon another thread that talks about the compression.
>> I didn't build it, I just decompressed it and now setup-64bit works fine.
>> For some reason, 32bit doesn't have any of this problem.
>> If it is not too much of trouble, I would request that you provide an 
>> uncompressed version too.
>> The file size is not that bad, It came to be about 5MB only.
>> Perhaps, suggest in the installation instructions to try in case it 
>> doesn't launch?
> What was the URL of the thread about compression?
> Which file did you download about 5MB, from which URL, how did you 
> download and decompress it: using which tools, commands, options, and 
> what were the before and after sizes?
> There appear to be no Cygwin setup files about 5MB:

he means 5MB after decompressing the 1.3Mb setup-x86_64.exe

If I remember right upx is used for setup compression

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