Updating python38-pytest installs python39

Laurent Martin laurent@lfmm.org
Tue Dec 14 14:01:10 GMT 2021


Updating python38-pytest from 6.2.1-1 to 6.2.5-1 leads to the 
installation of several python39 packages.

Reading the "setup" file (found on this mirror site: 
https://ftp.lip6.fr/pub/cygwin/x86_64/setup.xz), I noticed that the 
package python38-pytest depends on python39-pytest.

So updating python38-pytest to the latest version leads to the 
installation of python39-pytest and other python 3.9 packages (python39, 
python39-attrs, python39-iniconfig, python39-jinja2, 
python39-markupsafe, python39-packaging, python39-pip, python39-pluggy, 
python39-pyparsing, python39-pytest, python39-setuptools, python39-toml).



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