robhickey@gmx.com robhickey@gmx.com
Tue Dec 14 17:45:43 GMT 2021

Hi Cygwin,

I'm compiling a non Cygwin code using  ./config, make, make install.

The make output  says  /include/w32api  file or directory not found.

I've tried many combinations of absolute and relative paths to prevent the
warning but no luck.

I'm guessing /include is not a standard directory, so I copied the
/usr/include/w32api to /include/w32api/, the warning goes way.

Is this a bad idea?

I also notice that w32api.h defines every version of windows but stops at

#define WindowsVista 0x0600

#define Windows7       0x0601

#define Windows8       0x0602

Is it permissible to add

#define windows10  0X0603

Thank you

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