Python regression related to unix sockets

Fabian Henze
Tue Feb 23 08:29:01 GMT 2021

Hi Cygwin users,
I noticed a regression in the recent Python packages: Between version
3.6.10-1 and 3.6.12-2, accessing the SSH agent via the paramiko python
package broke. When a ssh agent is used, paramiko tries to connect to
it via the unix socket and just freezes. Python 3.8 is also affected,
but I don't know which was the last working one.
I was able to pinpoint that error to 3.6.12-socketmodule.patch [1].
Reverting/removing the patch fixes the ssh agent access.
A few weeks ago there was a discussion regarding "Problems with native
Unix domain sockets on Win 10/2019", but it seems unrelated as the
cygwin1.dll from [2] does not work for me.

Can you please check if you are able to reproduce that? I uploaded a
script [3] for that.

Best regards,
Fabian Henze


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