Setting env var CYGWIN for Cygwin service?

Oleksandr Gavenko
Mon Jan 4 22:08:11 GMT 2021

On 2020-12-30, Oleksandr Gavenko via Cygwin wrote:

> What way can I pass env var "CYGWIN" to the Cygwin service?

Today I reinstalled Cygwin & Exim.

"exim-config" script asked me:

  Enter the value of CYGWIN for the daemon: []

/usr/bin/exim-config has line with:

  cygrunsrv -I exim -p /usr/bin/exim -e CYGWIN="${cygenv}" ...

So it is the answer (as pointed by others).

Still "procexp" doesn't show anything else besides PATH/WINDIR for "exim"
process. It can be that cygrunsrv passed env vars in some Cygwin *magical way*.

Cannot confirm this, attempt to read /proc/X/environ gives "<defunct>". There
is no problem to read "environ" for other Cygwin processes.


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