[cygwin] Re: jansi bug adds spaces to output from maven build using java on w10

KAVALAGIOS Panagiotis (EEAS-EXT) Panagiotis.KAVALAGIOS@ext.eeas.europa.eu
Wed Jan 6 09:14:57 GMT 2021

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> On 2021-01-06 00:53, KAVALAGIOS Panagiotis (EEAS-EXT) wrote:
> > I know exactly what are my options and believe me, there are more than
> > the one reported here. In my case, we need to update Cygwin Git in our
> > machines, so a solution to stick to 3.0.7 and update only Git is also fine.
>  >
> > However, we have performed a full update and found the issue with
> > maven in our pilot phase. My interest is not personal for my machine,
> > but to prepare a Cygwin package to push the update to all developers.
> > I need only to know when there will be the new release that will
> > include a fix for this issue as I am not aware of the Cygwin release
> > schedule. Based on the information, we can decide what option fits better
> our institution.
> As Cygwin is an unfunded all-volunteer project, there are no expected
> response times for issues or release schedules, and responses and releases
> happen whenever package maintainers have sufficient interest to read the
> list or reason to issue an update, and enough free time in their personal lives
> to respond or complete the build, testing, documentation updates,
> packaging, and release processes. Some of us try to help them out by trying
> to provide timely and useful responses with suggestions or workarounds.
> As you are a member of an organization with funding, it is up to you to do
> whatever your organization requires in terms of timing and can support
> internally, including using snapshots, or building your own package releases
> from sources.

I understand that even a rough estimation is not possible and we have to forget the solution 2 of a Cygwin release. We will choose among the other solutions proposed so far. Thank you very much.


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