problem using gcc-core for compile qemu

Eliot Moss
Thu Jan 7 03:37:39 GMT 2021

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> On Jan 6, 2021, at 10:23 PM, Juan carlos Rebate via Cygwin <> wrote:
> Good morning happy new year, first of all I am going to ask you that
> when you read my case, do not refer me to another tool, do not refer
> me to another environment, but above all do not ask me to read because
> I already read all of Google and there is no solution , but I refuse
> to think that there is not, it is simply that nobody has bothered to
> publish it.
> I am using the gcc-core 9.3 package to compile qemu, I use this one
> because mingw does not incorporate all the features that I am looking
> for, and gcc is able to search for resources as it would in linux
> whereas mingw cannot unless the paths are edited.
> the problem that appears to me is the following:
> ERROR: Unrecognized host OS (uname -s reports 'CYGWIN_NT-10.0'), there
> are no options to indicate the target, there are no options to avoid
> the operating system test, (at least not in a simple way). How could I
> solve the failure? I beg that it be done as I have it configured
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You may want to cross compile from Cygwin to mingw. There are Cygwin FVC packages for that.  Eliot Moss

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