problem using gcc-core for compile qemu

Arthur Norman
Fri Jan 8 08:42:58 GMT 2021

> I can't use virtualbx because what I need is to emulate
> the aarch64 architecture, I don't want to use binaries compiled by
> others, one of the reasons is that those binaries don't include sd-card 
> emulation support...
This is perhaps an off-topic response as regards compiling things on 
cygwin, but some while back I found a range of sets of instructions for 
setting up aarch64 emulation in qemu. When I had any issues running on 
Windows I just used virtualbox to give myself an x86_64 Linux world and 
installed qemu there. And after a while I could buy a Raspberry pi with a 
64-bit cpu and use that, so these days working with aarch64 (and an SD 
card) works best for me on an rpi4 not via emulation. But to find people 
who have worked on adapting and setting up qemu to support aarch64 with an 
SD card you might find it useful to follow the footsteps of those who were 
working towards rpi 64-bit support?
And I like and use cygwin for most of what I do, but when something I want 
to do is better supported by Linux then setting up an Ubuntu via 
virtualbox uses some disc space but does not add much overhead on my 
main W10 machine and lets me build, test and debug there because 
following a path that is already well trodden is often easiest!

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