gdb doesn't print the output on the terminal

Gaetano Buldo
Fri Jan 8 09:20:43 GMT 2021

I installed Cygwin for 64bit window, and the following tools in order to
build and debug c programs using eclipse.
gcc 9.3.0-2
make 4.3-1
gdb 9.2-1
It seems like the gdb program doesn't print on the terminal.
When i run gdb --version a get an empty string on the terminal
When i run gdb, i can see the programm running on the task manager, and i
can quit it writing 'q' (even if the string doesn't appear on the terminal).
gcc and make works fine. When i check the version i normally get the
expected output, and i'm also capable to build a C project.
Any suggestion?

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