Limitation of setenv for tcsh: Too many arguments

Achim Gratz
Fri Jan 8 16:19:22 GMT 2021

KAVALAGIOS Panagiotis (EEAS-EXT) writes:
> Why do you say both? I don't add /usr/bin anywhere.

Your other example with the $path csh variable doesn't quote $path,
which you must do with the quote modifier rather than actual quotes, so
$path:q because it is an wordlist var.  Also see the -f / -l option for
the set builtin of tcsh if you want to strip out duplicates and take
note of some subtle differences in the default quoting between tcsh and
csh if you are trying to be portable.

>> As an aside, it is highly unlikely that you'd actually want to set up your PATH
>> like that.
> Care to explain? How else can I add in the path custom personal commands?

I just don't think it's a good idea to have all that stuff in PATH,
especially since PATH in Windows determines library search order and
there is a high propensity for libraries with the same name getting
reachable via PATH for your example.  I tend to stay within Cygwin as
much as possible and have wrapper scripts setting up the environment for
all other commands.

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