Thomas Koenig
Sat Jan 9 18:23:39 GMT 2021


there is a branch of gfortran for implementing coarrays based on a
shared memory implementation instead of MPI, the devel_coarray/native

I tried it out on Cygwin, but it doesn't work there (hangs on the
first sync).

The branch uses pthread mutexes and condition variables
with PTHREAD_PROCESS_SHARED for synchronization between processes.

I also ran the attached test program, which gave the output

pthread_mutexattr_setpshared(&mattr, PTHREAD_PROCESS_SHARED)failed: No error

Is it correct that PTHREAD_PROCESS_SHARED is not supported on
Cygwin?  Is it supported for condition variables, or is the fact
that it is reported as working an oversight?

If PTHREAD_PROCESS_SHARED does not work, are there known workarounds?

Best regards

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