more man issues?

Mon Jan 11 11:01:39 GMT 2021

Allen Hewes via Cygwin writes:
>> That indicates you didn't install the latest version of the package yet,
>> although that doesn't explain what happened to the configuration file.
> Based on, I have the latest installed:
> cygcheck -c | grep ^man
> man-db                        2.9.3-4                         OK
> man-db-create-index           2.9.3-4                         OK
> (after removing the man-db-index-synchronously package)
> I installed those on 01/07/2021.

But your setup.log snippet was from January 5… and not setup.log.full as
I had asked about.  I have to go by the things you show, not the things
I don't know about.  :-)

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