I have a problem with some applications in Cygwin (SOLVED)

Eirik Nordbrøden eirik.nordbroden@netnordic.com
Mon Jan 18 11:49:18 GMT 2021

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> Hello
> I have been using for many years and have not really had any major
> problems, but now I have run into a problem with some of the applications in
> Cygwin that I have been struggling with for some time without being able to
> solve it. Hopefully someone in this list can point me in the right direction to
> fix the problem.
> I have a new Windows 10 PC with a fresh Cygwin installation, but struggles
> with some of the applications that I have installed. When I try to use
> applications like ssh, ssh-keygen, git, snmpwalk, snmpnext etc. they all just
> hangs and I am not able to stop them through CTRL-C. I need to use Task
> Manager to kill the application (kill -9 does not work either). But if I run the
> application from gdb (like 'gdb ssh-keygen' and the 'run') they seem to work.
> Most applications seems to work as expected, but not the ones I have listed
> (and maybe some more applications as well).
> I think that this might be due to something in my PC, but are not able to
> pinpoint it. At one point I thought that this was due to the virus control in the
> PC (Trend), but now I have uninstalled this and just uses Windows defender.
> Eirik Nordbrøden, Netnordic AS
> (+47) 90174789


I have now found the cause of this problem. As suspected it was a problem on my PC, but I would like to inform about the cause in case other people have a similar problem. The root cause was that the Citrix Workspace app installed on my PC had application protection enabled. This interfered with some of the Cygwin apps (mainly ssh and apps using ssh, but also others) so I had to reinstall this app without application protection enabled.

Eirik Nordbrøden, Netnordic AS
(+47) 90174789

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