gdb dysfuntional: no output in bash window, no echo

Tord Andreasson
Thu Jan 21 12:06:34 GMT 2021


I just updated my cygwin 64 bit installation in order to resume a
programming project that I left aside quite some time ago.
Everything seems to work as it used to as I am able to pick up the project
where I left it, I can build and run the application however gdb I/O seems

Here are the symptoms:
After starting gdb, nothing happens apart from a process gdb.exe is
started, however, no output is displayed in the bash window. This is
regardless if I supply arguments to gdb or not.

gdb is however alive and responsive to input commands, although nothing is
echoed or output in the window. For instance, debugging a very simple
program that just creates a file and writes some text on it

torda@Tord-desktop ~/HelloWorld
$ which gdb
<The gdb.exe file size is 7214099 and date is 2020-06-13. I have checked
that there are no other instances of gdb.exe on my Cygwin installion>

torda@Tord-desktop ~ /HelloWorld
$ gdb ./helloworld.exe
<from now on I am using gdb blindfolded as nothing is output>
run <not echoed>
<typing ls and less in another bash window will list a file
"helloworld.log" containing "Hello world", which demonstrates that gdb
actually did run the program to its completion>
quit <returns me to the bash prompt>
torda@Tord-desktop ~/HelloWorld

Hopefully this description is comprehensible, if not please let me know if
anything is missing.

Any idea what I should look at to troubleshoot the issue?

Best wishes,

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