gdb not working properly in Cygwin

Daniel, Barry K.
Thu Jan 21 19:02:49 GMT 2021

I am trying to build and debug a linux application on a Windows 10 machine.  I have installed Cygwin64 with GDB and the GCC compliers.  When I open up a Cygwin64 terminal and type "gcc -version" or "g++ --version" I get the normal information about those packages.  However, when I type in "gdb -version" it print a blank line and I am back at the shell prompt.  No text is printed.  If I type in "gdb" or "gdb hello.exe", I never get a "(gdb)" prompt. The cursor just sits there and there is no response.  I have waited for many minutes with no response.  I have to 'Ctrl-Z' to get back the shell prompt.  Surely there is a simple solution to this problem but I can't find it anywhere.
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