xwin-xdg-menu high cpu usage with rxvt-unicode

Viet-Duc Le vdle@protonmail.com
Mon Jun 21 05:49:28 GMT 2021


I've encountered a peculiar issue with rxvt-unicode launched from xwin-xdg-menu (20170321-1)
The image below corresponds to two rxvt-unicode instances, each occupies 30% of system resouce.
I'm using the the latest version of cygwin. 'cygcheck.out' is attached per guideline.

Steps to reproduce:
- Start XWin Server from Start menu
- X applications menu -> System Tools -> rxvt-unicode
- Kill rxvt-unicode to free the resource again

Other observations:
- XTerm does not incur high resources.
- Manually launching rxvt-unicode from XTerm does not incur high resources.

I think this is not an issue with rxvt but with xwin-xdg-menu.
On laptop, it is very noticeable when the fan kicks in.
Insights and suggestions are much appreciated.

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