How to configuring a cross compiler for ARM Cortex M4F from GCC using Cygwin

Carlo B.
Mon Mar 1 13:40:59 GMT 2021


Il giorno dom 28 feb 2021 alle ore 09:29 Welwin Joseph via Cygwin
<> ha scritto:
> Hi,
> I am new to the concept of configuring crosscompiler from GCC , can anyone guide me on how to create/ Configure a cross compiler from GCC compiler for ARM cortex M4F using Cygwin. I am using a windows 10 PC, my target is arm cortexM4F   TM4C129ENCPDT and I am using it as bareboard (no OS).
> With regards,
> Welwin
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In my opinion, the best way for getting what you need is to use crosstool-ng:

You can clone the repo, build and install the program.
Then, you can use ct-ng for configuring the build with the platform
you want and finally start the creation.
When the process finishes, you will find your cross compiler into the
"x-tools" directory, inside your $HOME.
When you get it, it is very easy to create a cross compiler: with this
tool, I created an arm-none-eabi with NEWLIB, an aarch64 android cross
compiler with NDK and an armhf linux cross compiler.
I suggest you to do a try with this tiny thing.
Please note that after you start the build, the tool automatically
downloads the tar files with the sources that it needs, unless it
already finds them in its directory, so be careful if you have a
limited amount of internet traffic available.


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