Uninstall python 2.7 fails - alternative dependencies

Adam Dinwoodie adam@dinwoodie.org
Tue Mar 2 17:50:39 GMT 2021

On Tue, 2 Mar 2021 at 17:33, Doug Henderson via Cygwin wrote:
> To assist in supporting this kind of requirement, is there a way to
> create a package whose requirements are resolved by either of several
> other packages?
> For instance, could we have a package e.g. python-alternatives, that
> when required is satisfied by either python2 or python3. This
> mechanism might be useful for dealing with any set of packages that
> work with the alternatives system.

Yes, this function already exists in the form of the "provides" line
in setup.hint files, discussed at
https://cygwin.com/packaging-hint-files.html, although I don't believe
the function is widely used.

Per that page: If you think that another package has an incorrect
dependency list, send email to cygwin-apps noting that fact.


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