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OK, the mystery has been resolved. There should be at least an e-mail notification to indicate that limitation. It is not polite for the list to simply ignore the submissions without saying anything :)

> All postinstall steps failed because of BLODA or installation path:
> 2021/02/09 17:48:06 running: C:\Program Files\Cygwin\bin\dash.exe
> "/etc/postinstall/0p_000_autorebase.dash"
>        0 [main] dash (2296) shared_info::initialize: size of shared memory region
> changed from 49080 to 40888
> 2021/02/09 17:48:20 abnormal exit: exit code=-1073741819 ...
> Installing under Program\ Files causes issues because of space in path names
> and BLODA-like AV protections on those paths.

The installation is performed by powershell script that runs with the super admin (system user/nt authority) from local repository that normally bypasses all those kind of AV restrictions. I start it from the Cygwin icon that runs mintty under the hood. I don't know who took those 8KB from the script's shared memory, but indeed it looks like a BLODA interference. I will ask the package to be re-installed.

I have checked the installation logs and there was no error returned from the setup program. Shouldn't return non-zero value so that the package manager is notified about that issue? Or maybe it Is returned and I failed to propagate that in my .bat file:

@echo off
@echo Starting Cygwin installation

"%cd%\setup-x86_64.exe" -q -A -L -l "%cd%\cygwin-repo" -R "C:\Program Files\Cygwin" -P autoconf,automake,bash-completion,binutils,curl,dos2unix,emacs,git,git-svn,gnupg2,inetutils,jq,konsole,mc,openssh,patchutils,perl,psmisc,python2,python3,rsync,ruby,subversion,tcsh,tmux,unzip,vim,vim-common,wget,xinit,xlaunch,xorg-server,xorg-server-common,xorg-server-xorg,xorg-x11-fonts-dpi100,xorg-x11-fonts-dpi75,xorg-x11-fonts-Type1,xorg-x11-fonts-misc,xterm,zip

Does it need "exit /b %errorlevel%"?

We are running Cygwin from "C:\Program Files" for years without issue. A space in the directory name is a very supported character for Unix and Unix-like systems as well. A quoted path that includes a space character is enough to resolve any possible issues. Unfortunately on an enterprise environment, program execution is only allowed under "C:\Program Files", so we haven't left many options. We do have prepared another directory without spaces for programs that even refuse to be installed on a path containing spaces (call me Weblogic and ColdFusion servers), but Cygwin accepts happily to be installed on a directory with spaces with a small warning. I would need to justify the non-compliance of Cygwin to be moved off "C:\Program Files" and so far I don't have any evidence.


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