Home directory was not created

Thomas Wolff towo@towo.net
Wed Mar 3 12:58:43 GMT 2021

Am 03.03.2021 um 13:43 schrieb KAVALAGIOS Panagiotis (EEAS-EXT):
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>> From: Thomas Wolff <towo@towo.net>
>> Sent: 03 March 2021 12:58
>> Am 03.03.2021 um 12:22 schrieb KAVALAGIOS Panagiotis (EEAS-EXT):
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>>>> From: Cygwin <cygwin-bounces@cygwin.com> On Behalf Of Brian Inglis
>>>> Sent: 02 March 2021 19:57
>>>> On 2021-03-02 01:08, KAVALAGIOS Panagiotis (EEAS-EXT) wrote:
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>>>>> From: KAVALAGIOS Panagiotis (EEAS-EXT)
>>>>> Sent: 02 March 2021 08:15
>>>>> zip 358KB > 256KB too big I think
>>> OK, the mystery has been resolved. There should be at least an e-mail
>> notification to indicate that limitation. It is not polite for the list to simply
>> ignore the submissions without saying anything :)
>> There have been 3 responses on the list so what are you complaining about?
> I couldn't send the log file "setup.log.full" as attachment to the list. I tried both plain and zip version to no avail.
> I have manage to sent it only as a private e-mail to Brian. There was no e-mail returned to indicate any error. It was silently ignored whereas there should be an error notification, or if there was it never reached my mailbox.
You seem to have a novice understanding of how many open source projects 
and mailing lists work.
You cannot *expect* anybody to respond to you within a certain time, or 
even less than a day, unless you had a paid service contract. So reduce 
your expectations. This is a volunteer project, free for all users after 

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